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Bug#650667: pthread_create fails with unknown signal

 Running unstable's -9.0- kernel makes midori (and in the same way
iceweasel) creash on startup with "Unknown signal" in
pthread_create. This is a pretty default wheezy system (with minor sid

Please try to run it without gdb and analyze core after segfault.
I guess that it would be in a different place.

It is a limitation of our gdb port, it does not know,
that this signal is internal to threading library.

The problem of iceweasel might be due to:

* config/config.mk, config/rules.mk, js/src/config/config.mk,
     js/src/config/rules.mk: (Statically) link jemalloc to all programs.

The jemalloc uses internally pthread library
and pthread library uses internally malloc.


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