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Re: Bug#648361: uninstallable on kfreebsd-amd64

[ CCing debian-bsd;  if someone can test the patched version of PPTP
on GNU/kFreeBSD, please do and report. Thanks! ]

Hi Ola,

2011/11/13 Ola Lundqvist <opal@debian.org>:
> Have you tested to install this package and actually seen that it
> works in practice? The reason I ask is that as far as I know this
> tool depends on the mppe support in the Linux kernel. I may be
> wrong however.
> I do not want to apply this until I have it confirmed that it actually
> works to have a fully working mppe tunnel.

I'm afraid I can't test it myself.  However, IMHO presence in the
FreeBSD ports collection is a good indicator that the (patched)
version of pptp actually works with the kernel of FreeBSD.

Notice how my patch enables "-DUSER_PPP" in CFLAGS.  This has a
significant impact on the codepaths, most likely disabling the
kernel-specific code you had in mind.

Given the situation, I would find it reasonable if my explanation is
not sufficient and you need further reassurance that pptp works on
GNU/kFreeBSD before providing it.  If that's the case, note that its
current state doesn't fit with this intent either (since it's
currently not just uninstallable but also unusable in case this was

An alternate solution would be to disable pptp on GNU/kFreeBSD by
marking it Linux-specific (Architecture: linux-any) until someone can
properly test it.

Robert Millan

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