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Re: Call for testing: Fix for DELETE / BACKSPACE problems in experimental

On 2011-10-30 02:43 +0200, Robert Millan wrote:

> The fixes for DELETE / BACKSPACE issues in local console, which were
> added by Aurelien and Petr a while ago but due to a variety of reasons
> couldn't make it to the release, have been restored and are available
> again.  The following are needed:
> - Install kbdcontrol 8.2+ds2-6 or later (available in experimental)
> - Install kfreebsd 10.0~svn226872-2 or later (available in experimental)
> - Edit /etc/inittab and replace "cons25" with "xterm", then either
> reboot or force getty restart manually
> Please test!

Seems to work fine, although I haven't tested what happens when you
connect to non-Debian systems which have kbs=^H in the xterm terminfo.

Overall xterm seems like a nice improvement over cons25(-debian), the
only problem is that Emacs apparently sets up colors for a light
background, resulting in minibuffer prompts that are barely readable
(dark blue on black).


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