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Re: manpage hyphens in zfsutils

2011/10/25 Arno Töll <debian@toell.net>:
>> --------------------------------------------------------------
>> +\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-
> Why do think so? Removing them seems to turn the - into a hyphen again
> (but see below).

My point here is: is there anything wrong with that?

I understand why you want e.g. "zpool --help" to use dashes, but is it
necessary to use them everywhere?

> This is a hyphen: \(hy

I'm also unsure if upstream will want to use \(hy for hyphens instead
of -. It looks like a very personal matter of choice.

I think it would be best if you discussed this with upstream, to see
if your patch can be merged there as-is or might need readjustments.

> FTR: Such discussions are just yet another reason why we should be using
> something more modern instead.

Upstream, again ;-)

Robert Millan

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