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Re: Thinkpad t520i + Debian GNU/kFreeBSD

2011/10/26 Paul Tagliamonte <tag@pault.ag>:
>>> I've tried to give Debian GNU/kFreeBSD a go on my Thinkpad, to help
>>> with what I'm sure is a huge undertaking.
>>> The system looks to be locked up, without an error to the display on
>>> boot, from the kernel before boot's passed to the init process.
>> Which version of the installer did you use?
> d-i ? I'm not sure, never hit userland.
> As for the ISO of the install image - I used the Squeeze i386 image. I
> can try the daily images, I was going to do an upstable "upgrade" once
> it took.

If you're on amd64, try the daily image, as it's based on kfreebsd
8.2.  Otherwise try an upstream kernel image (e.g. from
 Don't expect it to work when combined with D-I but at least we'll
know if your boot problem is fixed there.

Or you could even try FreeBSD 9.0-RC1 installer
(http://www.freebsd.org/where.html#helptest).  If that works, we can
probably adjust the Debian one without much difficulty.

Robert Millan

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