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Bug#645469: bind() fails for AF_UNIX sockets with EINVAL

Package: kfreebsd-9
Version: 9.0~svn225873
Severity: important


Typical kfreebsd-amd64 experimental system.  When I try to use "cupt
update" after booting with kfreebsd 9, it always fails:

	E: unable to bind server socket to file '/tmp/cuptyL8GPC': Invalid argument
	E: error performing command 'update'

By contrast, kfreebsd-image-8.2-1-amd64 8.2-8+gcc45 works fine.

Trying to track this down, I tried the example from the bind(2)
manpage (from manpages-dev 3.32-0.2), with MY_SOCK_PATH set to
"/tmp/somepath" so it wouldn't require root permissions.  Same story
there --- the 8.2 kernel works fine, while kfreebsd 9 gives me

	bind: Invalid argument

For reference, the installed libc0.1 is 2.13-21.  Anyway, thought you
might like to know.


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