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kFreeBSD 8.2 built with GCC 4.5 (please test)


Following  #644417 I've reverted kFreeBSD 8.2 builds to use GCC 4.4
with -fno-gcse flag, which was the only combination that fixed the
regression my my hardware.

Reenabling -fgcse would require finding and fixing a bug either in
kFreeBSD or in GCC, so far it is unknown which one.

Reenabling GCC 4.6 would require fixing another (or maybe the same)
bug, since "gcc-4.6 -fno-gcse" doesn't seem to be enough to get a
working kernel (at least on my hardware).

Aiming at GCC 4.5 seems simpler: In my local tests "gcc-4.5 -fno-gcse"
appears to work, so I've uploaded a version of kFreeBSD 8.2 built with
GCC 4.5 to experimental.  If you're using kFreeBSD 8.2, please
consider installing the corresponding kfreebsd-image-8.2* package and
test it as extensively as possible.


Robert Millan

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