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Re: Desktop environment

2011/10/9 David Watson <hiranwatson@gmail.com>:
> I'm planning to install X and a desktop environment on my wheezy kfreebsd system. From the thread about gnome-terminal, I'm thinking to stay away from gnome for now. What about kde - are the base packages fairly stable? Or should I use a light environment like XFC (I think that's the name of it)?

If you want something fairly stable, you should really stay with
Squeeze.  On GNU/kFreeBSD the userbase is very small, so critical
issues are A LOT more likely to migrate from Sid unnoticed.  OTOH we
could use some help in proof-testing Wheezy and detecting new bugs.

I use Xfce on Squeeze and it works almost perfect.  I use
gnome-terminal for now (Squeeze version still works) but may switch to
xfce4-terminal eventually.   I start X using xinit because I didn't
find any suitable *DM (gdm3 mostly works, but it crashes some times).

As Xfce developers tend to be more concerned about portability, I
expect breakage is less likely to happen there, even on Wheezy.

Robert Millan

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