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Tracking of NFS artifacts

Dear all,

let me begin a thread tracking issues with NFS, a package
collection in need for better examination, as we were told
a few days ago.

A fresh install including "File server" immediate uncovered these:

 * "mountd" fails to start since "/etc/exports" is empty.
   The package should really install a file even if it only
   contains comments. Touch said file, and rebooting, will
   let "mountd" be started as is expected.

 * "rpcbind" produces an error, because "/var/run/rpcbind/rpcbind.xdr"
   is not present. I am inconclusive as to the cause would be that
   "/run/rpcbind/" is never created in that tmpfs, or whether there
   ought to be some template "rpcbind.xdr" inserted in place by
   the init script.

   This could be related to the fact that at booting time
   the following sequence appear:

      Starting ZFS subsystem
      Activating swap
      mount: /lib/init/rw: unknown special file or file system
      mount: /tmp: unknown special file or file system
      Filesystem type 'zfs' is not supported. Skipping mount
             dito     'devfs'
             dito     'linprocfs'
             dito     'sysfs'
             dito     'fdescfs'
             dito     'linprocfs'  [second time!]
      Activating lvm and md swap.

   Then file systems get inserted as usual.

 * Each of "nfsd" and "rpc.statd" uses more that twenty seconds
   to stop at reboot or halt.

Best regards,
  Mats E A

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