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Re: Problems with syslogd and /var/run

Dear Robert,

you are too quick to suggest BTS as the standard solution!

onsdag den  5 oktober 2011 klockan 21:18 skrev Robert Millan detta:
> Hi Mats,
> 2011/9/3 Mats Erik Andersson <mats.andersson@gisladisker.se>:
> > two days ago inetutils-syslogd began dying within seconds
> > after each restart. Regrettably it cannot be traced:
> Please use the BTS for bug reporting.  You might want to put
> debian-bsd@lists.debian.org in X-Debbugs-CC if you want it to be
> noticed by GNU/kFreeBSD porters.

I have too little information to classify this as a bug,
instead I asked for some continuing attention of people
with first hand reason to observe this port.

Clearly no-one else is experiencing a similar phenomenon,
judging from the lack of response. The MD5 hash of the
troublesome is identical to the entry registered by Dpkg,
so it is instrumental to get other people to make observa-
tions available, or to let the matter drop into oblivion.
There is no harm in seeing the latter happen.

I have taken the present calamity as an opportunity to
test-run the upstream release candidate for inetutils-syslogd,
where I am author of the new features! It functions very
satisfactory, without any sign of being influenced like

> > In addition, there are several complaints about "/var/run"
> > and the inability to create directories, resulting in
> > a handful failures to launch daemons, including Exim4.
> Can't tell without seeing them.  Again, please use the BTS.  If you're
> unsure which package is at fault, you can file it on "general" or so.
> It can be reassigned afterwards.

In hindsight this might be an artifact of my efforts to
come to terms with the syslogd failure. I am inconclusive

  Mats E A

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