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Re: Bug#642468: kfreebsd-8|9 does not provide any method to use non-free firmware blobs

Since that seems more straightforward than all my approaches and more
easily possible to build from a pristine source directory, I wonder if
we could have a non-free kernel officially in the meantime, until a user
space loader works?

That have been also original intention. After build of non-stripped
orig.tar.gz, the added driver can be selected and put into add-on package.
But some parts in #594940 are described as "not distributable".

We have three types of problematic code.

- binary only for target, i.e. nve, hptrr
  we using different gcc, may be slightly different ABI

- not distributable and may be distributable firmware

- distributable, but non-free

The first set is disabled via 903_disable_non-free_drivers.diff
and 2nd and 3rd via 999_firmware.diff.

Our manpower is simply limited ...


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