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Re: kfreebsd-headers-8.2-1-amd64 provides kernel-headers (was asdfasdf package installation please)


2011/8/12 Aurelien Jarno <aurelien@aurel32.net>:
> | --- debian/control.flavor.in    (révision 3591)
> | +++ debian/control.flavor.in    (révision 3592)
> | @@ -19,7 +19,7 @@
> |
> |  Package: kfreebsd-headers-@version@-@abiname@-@flavor@
> |  Architecture: any-@arch@
> | -Provides: kfreebsd-headers-@major@
> | +Provides: kfreebsd-headers-@major@, kfreebsd-headers
> |  Depends: kfreebsd-headers-@version@-@abiname@ (= ${binary:Version}), ${misc:Depends}
> |  Description: header files for kernel of FreeBSD @version@
> |   This package provides the header files for kernel of FreeBSD @version@, generally
> I don't know the reason of this provides, so it's difficult to comment
> on it right now, but not being able to install the kernel headers looks
> a major issue to me.

This was ment to give DKMS packages the ability to depend on "any
version of kfreebsd-headers-x.y". E.g. currently fuse4bsd-dkms is

Depends: kfreebsd-headers-8 | kfreebsd-headers

this is analogous to "linux-headers" virtual package on Linux.

>> It's more or less uninstallable. I would have to remove libc0.1-dev:
>> libc0.1-dev depends on kfreebsd-kernel-headers (>= 0.11) which
>> conflicts with kfreebsd-headers which is provided by
>> kfreebsd-headers-8.2-1-amd64 which is a dependency of
>> kfreebsd-headers-8-amd64.
> kfreebsd-headers used to be the old name of kfreebsd-kernel-headers,
> hence the conflicts there.

I didn't notice this conflict.  Currently popcon doesn't list any
users for real kfreebsd-headers package, perhaps the conflicts can be
removed already?

Robert Millan

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