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Re: launchd

Hi Pedro,

"Pedro F. Giffuni" <giffunip@tutopia.com> writes:
> http://wiki.freebsd.org/launchd
> The code on github is somewhat outdated and may need some

Thanks for the pointer! I took a quick look, HOWTO.html says:

 "<p>Now if you've ever written a daemon before, you've either called
  the <code>daemon()</code> function or written one yourself. With
  launchd, that is not only unnecessary, but unsupported. If you try and
  run a daemon you didn't write under launchd, you must, at the very
  least, find a configuration option to keep the daemon from daemonizing
  itself so that launchd can monitor it.</p>"

If I read this correctly this means that launchd is not able to contain
children that double-fork.


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