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Re: Bug#636164: RFP: apt-clone -- ZFS integrated APT package handling utility

2011/8/1 Arno Töll <debian@toell.net>:
> wow, that's cool! I'd love having this in Debian. Please note, apt-clone
> - - as you linked it - depends on grub 1, not grub-pc. I noticed that
> while having a quick look into the code, e.g.:

I know.  SUN used to be quite interested in GRUB 2.  One of their
engineers has spent a lot of time in upstream ML, but he wasn't
allowed to tell about SUN's plans.

> to be honest, that's some ugly piece of code as well. I'm not (so) sure,
> whether we shall package that /right now/. I think Nexenta is still
> based on Hardy and did not see much visible activity recently, as
> OpenSolaris is pretty much dead, so I don't expect any major changes
> very soon, as Nexenta may have other problems than apt-clone right now.
> apt-clone does not look too portable either:
> if ($idx > 2 && grep { /Nexenta.*Core.*Platform.*Elatte/ } @$sect) {
>                        delete $h{$idx};
> }
> ...
> So I wonder whether it would be more useful to fork it and provide a
> native Debian package instead, since this script seems not be very
> useful outside Nexenta.

I agree it's not the brightest piece of code, but at least I think the
GRUB part could be merged back.  They know they might need it someday
when GRUB is upgraded in Illumos (GRUB 2 should work on Solaris -or
almost, all the important bits are there-).

Robert Millan

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