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Re: launchd (was notes from the kfreebsd BoF)

Hi Robert;

--- On Sun, 7/31/11, Robert Millan  wrote:
> Do you know how does launchd compare to InitNG?  I'm
> not familiar with either.

I hadn't seen InitNG so I can't compare. The license would
be an issue for upstream FreeBSD though (assuming you want
something that is not Debian specific). 

Launchd is the init system for MacOS X and I understand it was
the inspiration for systemd. I linked a nice video on the
FreeBSD Wiki page. At a time some GNU/linux distributions were
considering it but the license (APSL) was not attractive;
now it's under the Apache license (which is GPL3 compatible)
so that shouldn't be a problem anymore. There is no guarantee
FreeBSD will adopt anything new but at least with launchd
there was sufficient interest to spend a GSoC project on it.  

I understand you want to have a set of scripts that make
things behave as systemd so maybe this is easier with launchd.



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