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Conciliating systemd and GNU/kFreeBSD

Hi all.

(Putting -bsd@ in the loop, since I believe not everyone there reads
 -devel@. The (very long) thread starts at:

Josselin Mouette <joss@debian.org> (20/07/2011):
> You are both framing the discussion through a fallacy: that the only
> choice we have is either to drop kfreebsd or to keep insserv forever.
> There is no point in doing that. The only thing you are achieving is
> throwing people against one another, without anything happening at the
> technical level.
> Having concluded from this thread that 1) kfreebsd is important to
> Debian and 2) systemd is important for Debian, the question cannot be
> which one we choose between the two, but HOW we achieve both with the
> least pain possible.

> Several people have already explained that it should be possible to
> write a script, working for most packages, to generate old-style init
> scripts from systemd service files, allowing for a compatibility
> wrapper on top of insserv for kfreebsd (until systemd is ported or a
> compatible init is written for it).

Tollef also mentioned that on IRC, and I fail to see any better option
right now. Some mentioned there could be security risks involved, in
case one package relies on this or that feature on systemd's side, but I
guess we could also live with a few special cases where init.d scripts
could be maintained manually (rather than autogenerated from systemd
service files).


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