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Re: gdb: problems on kfreebsd-*


Le lundi 02 mai 2011 08:46:54, Petr Salinger a écrit :
> >> We still have to teach somehow, that thread handling is the same as
> >> in linuxthreads (pre-NPTL) implementation.
> > 
> > Any progress on this? It is not funny when you have to support arch which
> > you can't usefully use gdb on :-(
> No news from my side.
> I have not been able to understand details of inside of gdb.

I think, I am also stuck with this problem :/

I had a quick look at eglibc source code on kfreebsd-* and discover that this 
port use PTHREAD_SIGBASE [1] :
  /* Use signals #32, #33, #34 for internal linuxthreads communication */
  #define PTHREAD_SIGBASE 32
[since RT is not handled by kfreebsd this seems obvious]

In GDB, I've found that "lin_thread_get_thread_signals" [2] in charge of 
querying libc for restart and cancel signal :
  restart = get_signo ("__pthread_sig_restart");
  cancel = get_signo ("__pthread_sig_cancel");
But I don't know :
- if lin_thread_get_thread_signals is used in kfreebsd-* ?
- does get_signo code work under kfreebsd ?

Sorry for not being more helpful, hope someone skilled can jump into this.

[1] ports/sysdeps/unix/bsd/bsd4.4/kfreebsd/kernel-features.h
[2] gdb/linux-nat.c


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