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Bug#631889: kfreebsd-8: FTBFS on linux-i386: can't find kernel headers

Source: kfreebsd-8
Version: 8.2-3
Severity: serious
Justification: fails to build from source

The (linux-)i386 build of kfreebsd-8 failed with the somewhat comical error

cd ../../../modules; MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX=.../kfreebsd-8-8.2/flavor-8.2-1-486/sys/i386/compile/DEBCUSTOM/modules KMODDIR="/lib/modules/8.2-1-486" MACHINE=i386 WITHOUT_MODULES="..." KERNBUILDDIR=".../kfreebsd-8-8.2/flavor-8.2-1-486/sys/i386/compile/DEBCUSTOM" SYSDIR=".../kfreebsd-8-8.2/flavor-8.2-1-486/sys/i386/compile/DEBCUSTOM/../../.." make  obj
===> 3dfx (obj)
"/usr/share/mk/bsd.kmod.mk", line 7: "can't find kernel headers, install kfreebsd-headers-2.6.32-5-amd64 package"
*** Error code 1

(Note the bogus version number in the suggested package name.)  FWIW,
the amd64 build ran into no such trouble.  Could you please take a look?


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