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Re: LLVM 2.8 on kfreebsd

Le samedi 25 juin 2011 à 13:28 +0000, Christoph Egger a écrit :
> Hi all!
>     Looking into that again. I have now built llvm-2.8 successfully in
> the buildd chroot with the following patch. So it seems to indeed be a
> problem with running the testsuite in parallel. Additionally the
> (seemingly) same problem manifests itself with llvm-2.9 without
> wrapping in a schroot or something so that might help debugging.
>     I'll dig a bit deeper still and will report when I find
> something. If you don't hear back today it will unfortunately be stuck
> behind work again, I'll come back as I find time but would be happy if
> someone else finds a way to resolv this. The patch might even work as
> a workaround (potentially conditionalized on kFreeBSD).
Impressive result. Thanks for digging this issue.

Can I ask how you found the issue ? You just though "Ok, I am going to
try without the parallel testsuite !" or you found a lead before ?

Your patch is (almost) fine for me as a workaround. I just would like to
enable the sequential build just for kfreebsd . We could report a bug

Well done!


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