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Re: anjuta build failure on kbsd-*

Am 24.06.2011 17:36, schrieb Petr Salinger:
>> anjuta 2: currently ftbfs on kbsd-*.
> The strange thing is that in scripts/build-schemas.mk:
> %.gschema.xml: %.ui
>         $(AM_V_GEN)$(top_srcdir)/scripts/builder2schema.pl $<
> $(prefs_name) $(srcdir)/$(prefs_keyfile) > $@
> But during make in plugins/build-basic-autotools
> ../../scripts/builder2schema.pl anjuta-build-basic-autotools-plugin.ui
> org.gnome.anjuta.build ./ > anjuta-build-basic-autotools-plugin.gschema.xml
> Aka the "$(srcdir)/$(prefs_keyfile)" is passed as "./"
> I would say that there is a problem in build rules of anjuta.

Any idea why only the kbsd-* buildds fail?


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