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Re: kfreebsd-9 status

3) kbdcontrol is broken

$ sudo kbdcontrol -l us.iso.kbd
kbdcontrol: setting keymap: Inappropriate ioctl for device

I guess this means we need to patch a compatibility kludge in
either freebsd-utils 8.2 or kfreebsd-9.  Which package should
this bug be filed on?

It seems be due to this:


It can be solved when 9.x ABI is stable in freebsd-utils 9.0
by conditional paths of code.
I would keep it for now under kfreebsd-9.

Upstream could do it properly, without ABI breaking, i.e. by

#define GIO_KEYMAP_OLD   _IOR('k', 6, keymap_t)
#define PIO_KEYMAP_OLD   _IOW('k', 7, keymap_t)
#define GIO_KEYMAP       _IO('k', 16)
#define PIO_KEYMAP       _IO('k', 17)


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