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Re: sid chroots on io and asdfasdf currently broken

Axel Beckert wrote:
> after a dist-upgrade inside io's sid chroot, something has been
> upgraded which now causes dchroot'ing into the sid chroot causes
> segfaults:
> o:~# dchroot sid /bin/true
> Segmentation fault
> io:~# dchroot sid          
> Segmentation fault
> io:~# 
> The same happens on asdfasdf, just with a bus error instead of a
> segfault:
> asdfasdf:~# dchroot sid /bin/true
> Bus error
> asdfasdf:~# dchroot sid
> Bus error
> asdfasdf:~# 
> Ah normal (but root only) "chroot /srv/chroot/sid" works on both
> machines, so we can at least fix it from the inside as soon as we know
> what caused it and how to fix it.
> One of the things which happened during that dist-upgrade was the
> upgrade of libc* from 2.11.2-13 to 2.13-2:
> [...]
> Preparing to replace libc0.1 2.11.2-13 (using .../libc0.1_2.13-2_kfreebsd-i386.deb) ...
> [...]
> Anyone knows if that's the culprit?

It was. I downgraded all packages installed in the sid chroots of io
and asdfasdf which are built of the eglibc source package to version
2.11.2-13 (last 2.11 version which has been uploaded to unstable) from
snapshot.d.o and "dchroot sid" works fine again.

So until the real source of this problem (gcc-4.6 may be possible,
too) is found, I suggest to keep those packages on 2.11.2-13 in the
sid chroots of the kfreebsd porterboxes.

		Regards, Axel
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