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Re: Bug #619684: ns2: FTBFS on kfreebsd-*: emulate/net-pcap.cc:537:19: error: 'BIOCIMMEDIATE' was not declared in this scope

I got it.

It used it like this

#if !defined(__linux__)&&!defined(__APPLE__)
		int immed = 1;
		if (ioctl(pfd_, BIOCIMMEDIATE, &immed) < 0) {
				"warning: pcap/live (%s) couldn't set immed\n",

On linux , BIOCIMMEDIATE is not used, but on BSD, it did being used,
but did *not* include net/bpf.h

Then there are 2 ways to fix this bug:
    1. also disable the above code block on BSD.
    2. include net/bpf.h on BSD platform.

Which one is better ?
YunQiang Su

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