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Re: Racoon: status for kFreeBSD.

måndag den 28 februari 2011 klockan 19:53 skrev Christoph Egger detta:
> Vormals abgewähltes Paket racoon wird gewählt.
> Entpacken von racoon (aus .../racoon_1%3a0.7.3-15_kfreebsd-amd64.deb) ...
> Trigger für man-db werden verarbeitet ...
> libssl1.0.0 (1.0.0c-2) wird eingerichtet ...
> ipsec-tools (1:0.7.3-15) wird eingerichtet ...
> racoon (1:0.7.3-15) wird eingerichtet ...
> Generating /etc/default/racoon...
> racoon - IKE keying daemon will not be started as /proc/net/pfkey is not
>          available or a suitable 2.6 (or 2.4 with IPSEC backport)
>          kernel with af_key.[k]o module is not installed.

This is still 0.7.3-15 where the new init script has not entered.
In this package the test is still Linux-centric.

In the revised script form, containted in 0.7.3-16, a new test
applicable to GNU/kFreeBSD is testing the exit code of

     setkey -D 2>/dev/null || RET=$?

It is the reaction here, when the kernel lacks IPse support,
that interests me.

Thank you for the help. MvG

Mats E A

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