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Re: grub2: Cannot recognize FS format any more under kfreebsd ports


For the sake of anyone out there looking for a clue,  I'm dropping some
lines about how I got my system to boot from grub issues, running a
kFreeBSD port.

I have to first boot my system in some way to downgrade grub2 package,
1.98+20100804-14 was good enough.

Few ways for getting the defective system to boot:
1. Boot using an already running freebsd system, overriding grub boot
loader with freebsd's native boot loader. Works, but takes some time.
2. Use another grub installation and override your boot sector. Works,
but takes some time.
3. Get an already working grub from another installation (can be any OS
with grub running, not only kbsd), and use the regular grub console (not
rescue mode) to boot your system through it. Have to know partitioning
schema and stuff, little painful loading them in but backup-ready.

Once you get on running, downgrade grub2, grub-pc and grub-common to
whatever version worked for you before, as I already mention,
1.98+20100804-14 works.
Then, use tell dpkg to hold them for any future upgrade you might
perform (echo «pkgname» hold | dpkg --set-selections).

That should put you right on the road again.



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