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start PF packet filter at boot time

Hi everyone, hope you're OK.

Just can anyone explain these two:
1) -- How do we make things start on boot in kfreebsd? Is there any special /etc/init.d script to start each thing?Things like PF packet filter.
In FreeBSD we have that file /etc/rc.conf where we define such things.

2)  -- How do we make the system understand which modules to load on start up?
Now there is that file /boot/loader.conf and directory /boot/kfreebsd-$arch. In the latter we place
our modules to load and in the former we put a string like "pf_load="YES"" (to load pf.ko at boot
time) in the good old FreeBSD style. But this doesn't work for some reason, the module doesn't get
loaded. Although when updating GRUB it gives off some message like "found directory /boot/kfreebsd-$arch...".
But on the next boot the modules in question still aren't loaded till I kldload them manually.
***And no, pf is NOT compiled into kernel either, for the command `pfctl` doesn't work until I `kldload pf`.

So do I have to write an initscript including the command to load the needed module and put it into init directory?
Or is there any other way?


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