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Re: Xorg NVIDIA proprietary driver -- little problem

it doesn't want nvidia.ko that is in kernel, but the nvidia_drv.so, which in the end of the process is NOT found where it should. However, other *.so are there.
But WHY should the Xorg server from kfreebsd build (which is based on glibc) need a module linked against BSD libc? Is that the way it was built?
This is what I want to know.

No, the Xorg server from kfreebsd build wants a module linked against eglibc.
But you provide only binary from NVIDIA, which is build against BSD libc.
I do not believe that the nvidia_drv.so have been compiled on your box as you do not have sources for it.


> So WHY would it say that "nvidia driver can't be found", if it is successfully kldloaded into kernel? Or is it looking for it in a different place???
> This is what I want to know.

Are you sure it wants "nvidia.ko" in kernel ?
May be it wants "nvidia_drv.so", which is linked against FreeBSD libc,
not our eglibc.
$ readelf -d NVIDIA-FreeBSD-x86-260.19.36/obj/nvidia_drv.so

Similarly also other .so objects.

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