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Re: apt-get -- doesn't install dependancies?

2011/2/15 Kostya Berger <bergerkos@yahoo.co.uk>:
> So... My strategy was quite simple: I just figured I'd tell apt-get to
> install a random KDE4 application (I chose lilypond for this), and it will
> install all the rest of the desktop software as "dependencies". Well, it did
> install a lot of KDE4 files as dependencies of lilypond, but DIDN'T install
> any KDE binaries, nor KDM, nor even Xorg itself.
> Typing `apt-get -f install` returned the encouraging message, that there was
> nothing to fix in my install...
> Therefore my question: are these not KDE's dependencies any more? Or is my
> idea of "dependencies" too far from reality? Or have I missed some very
> important steps to make apt-get think the right way?

If the package installed succesfully, it means all its dependencies
were installed, which only includes packages necessary to run
this program (mostly libraries) and probably not what you expected.

I recommend that you install one of these packages:

kde-plasma-desktop - the KDE Plasma Desktop and minimal set of applications
kde-plasma-netbook - the KDE Plasma Netbook and minimal set of applications
kde-standard - the KDE Plasma Desktop and standard set of applications
kde-full - the complete KDE Software Compilation for end users

Robert Millan

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