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Re: Review needed for X+kbd

Samuel Thibault <sthibault@debian.org>:
> Well, what are the other alternatives?  Moving to the linuxish udev?
> Inventing yet another daemon?

I don't know, that's why I'm asking. Maybe not support Hotplug At All?

Benjamin Kaduk <kaduk@MIT.EDU> (12/02/2011):
> One of the comments on
> http://gezeiten.org/post/2011/01/Xfce-4.8-on-BSD-flavors is from
> Warner Losh (imp@freebsd.org), implying that it might be possible to
> convince devd to output udev-style data streams, if only what that
> data should look like was well documented.

Thanks, I've contacted FreeBSD folks and Xorg developers (with the
-bsd@ list in Cc). Replies should thread below:


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