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Status of freebsd-quota.

Dear fellows,

let me lift my report into a new thread, now that I have seen
that there is some interest after all!

I have had the present packaging of freebsd-quota intact and
running for two weeks now, with the purpose of observing how
grace time, limits, and file truncation interact with the system.
All seems well, at booting time as well as in response of user
actions to decrease the used quota, and then to exceed it again.
I have not been able to detect any defects. The only incomplete
part is that the lack of NFS server does not allow me to test
the RPC quota service.

Having in all silence been elevated above ground level
into a position as Junior Developer for Glibc-bsd,
I will within a reasonable time migrate the minimal
Subversion repository I use for "freebsd-quota" to
Alioth. A quick look into the glibc-bsd trunk seems
to indicate that "mergeWithUpstream 1" is not in
common use. Correct? Personally I am very fond
of that mechanism.

Thus there is also the question of the location were
to deposit the upstream source containing the relevant
file; luckily they are all in user land, but are hand-picked
from the source release 8.1.

I vaguely remember that I should be able to use my Alioth
account to deposit experimental material in


A quick pointer is welcome. Initially I would there put an
experimental kernel or two with quota and IPsec support.
Also the packages "freebsd-quota" and "ipsec-tools/racoon",
once a suitable kernel package is present.

Best regards for now,
  Mats E A

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