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Re: Additional kernel options and devices

tisdag den  8 februari 2011 klockan 15:50 skrev Robert Millan detta:
> 2011/2/8 Mats Erik Andersson <mats.andersson@gisladisker.se>:
> > Anyway, there is certainly functionality that is not default
> > in upstream FreeBSD, but could justly be considered mandatory
> > for GNU/kFreeBSD. Could we collect some kind of central information
> > source on this matter?
> I would suggest using the BTS for this.  Is that what you had
> in mind?

Not exactly. I read into the message sent by Axel Beckert
a desire to discuss to what extent GNU/kFreeBSD could go
further than FreeBSD does, in the sense of activating in
an official kfreebds-image_### some options or devices that
are not included in a GENERIC setting for the upstream kernel;
and then discuss what the consequences would be.

I see a potential problem in packaged software ported for
GNU/kFreeBSD where the kernel setting is not keeping pace.
A particular example I have encounterd is "ipsec-tools"
where a recent upload aims at adaptions to BSD, but where
the present kernel is neither supporting the API, nor the
relevant devices. Here I will prepare information for making
an official decision in the end, but other cases are certain
to exist in cases where the capability in question is implicit
to us within GNU/Linux, but needs a decision for GNU/kFreeBSD.

If you and other are of the view that the BTS is the best
first step, then I will abide that mechanism of raising any
issues concerning the capacity of the packaged kernel.

When writing "central information source" I loosely imagined
some sight at Alioth or wiki.d.o display or mentioning in what
sense kFreeBSD is advancing ahead of FreeBSD proper regarding
default device support. (Sorry for the lengthy explanation.)

  Mats E A

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