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Re: Bug#610749: fakeroot fails ownership with kfreebsd systems

A comment just for the record.

måndag den 24 januari 2011 klockan 22:10 skrev Aurelien Jarno detta:
> Ok, I have finally understood the problem:
> 1) in eglibc we implement at* functions, but mark them as stub as the
>    emulation for FreeBSD 7.x kernels is not perfect. FreeBSD 8.x have
>    this syscalls natively, and thus don't need emulation.
> 2) newer versions of tar start to use the fstatat syscall.
> 3) fakeroot doesn't emulate this syscall because it is marked as stub
>    in eglibc.

Even before the original bug report, I did verify that

    fakeroot tar -cf /tmp/df.tar /etc/default

is able to arrive at ownership 'root:root', which does also
with kfreebsd-amd64/unstable. Does this correlate completely?
No self-contradictions?

Mats E Andersson

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