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Re: [PATCH] Include libmd in freebsd-libs

2010/12/18 Laurent Fousse <lfousse@debian.org>:
> Hello,
> I'm sending the following patch for comments and possibly inclusion.
> It introduces the libmd{0,-dev} binary packages in the freebsd-libs
> source package. libmd is a message digest library (it includes digest
> algorithms from the MD{4,5} and SHA{1,2} family).
> My ultimate goal here is to have support for encrypted disk devices
> (the "eli" class in geom), and libmd is a dependancy of the userland
> geli(8) utility.

Hi Laurent,

freebsd-libs branch for squeeze has already been created in SVN,
please could you report this in the BTS so that it is not forgotten?


Robert Millan

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