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Static content in /proc/net/dev.


as I learned in another message [1] the fact that
"/proc/net/dev" lists wrong interface names (eth0 and
similar) might be easily mended. However, much worse
is the fact that "/proc/net/dev" seems never to be
updated, thus rendering many networking tools useless
for GNU/kFreeBSD. Statistics can instead be gathered using
"netstat -i", but probably most utilities originating
in GNU/Linux evaluate "/proc/net/dev". This prevents
porting with the present state of affairs.

Is this fact getting some attention?

In my case I am now porting "netdiag_1.0" to GNU/kFreeBSD.
Here "netload" uses the above technique, thus it only
fails of exterior reasons. "netwatch" relies on NETLINK,
hence fails hard, while netstat uses SOCK_PACKET and fails
equally hard since SOCK_RAW cannot replace the intended

In contrast, "strobe" and "tcpspray" works already, while
"tcpblast" and "trafshow" are mendable by fairly elementary

Best regards,
Mats Erik Andersson, DM

[1] http://list.debian.org/debian-bsd/2010/12/msg00058.html

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