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Re: Debian KfreeBSD on a Jail

2010/12/3 Darko Hojnik <hojnik@virtualizing.org>:
> jail_mastercopybsd_exec_poststart1="jexec mastercopybsd /bin/sh
> /etc/rc.d/netif start"
> jail_mastercopybsd_exec_poststart2="jexec mastercopybsd /bin/sh /etc/rc"

Debian has no /etc/rc neither /etc/rc.d/netif.

Maybe you can get it to work by modifying these entries to run
/sbin/init.  If getpid() doesn't return 1, you can pass the undocumented
-i argument to init to make it act like the first process.

Or otherwise maybe someone with good understanding of both
init systems can write a pair of wrapper scripts and put them in
/etc/rc.d/netif and /etc/rc.

Robert Millan

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