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Re: Debian KfreeBSD on a Jail

I want to have some Debian KfreeBSD Jails on my FreeBSD 8.1 Host. I don't know, anything is missing. So nothing in logs or on dmsg. My FreeBSD 8.1 Jail has starts successful. I have choosen a FreeBSD Host because to many FreeBSD features are not or bad implemented on Debain KfreeBSD. Inside a jail it would doesn't matter.

Thats all, no more output :( So any suggestions what will do the trick?

Could you "degrade" jail into chroot and verify manually whether shell inside jail works ? Please make sure that inside chroot/jail is
under /proc mounted linprocfs.

Which kernel do you use ? From debian package ?
Otherwise at least 007_clone_signals.diff is crucial
for multithreaded programs compiled for GNU/kFreeBSD.


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