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Re: Ready for use as a router?

On 12/01/2010 08:31 PM, Brian Gupta wrote:
> Do you guys think kfreebsd is ready to be used in production as an
> internet access router running pf and carp?
> -Brian
Well, the kernel isn't much different from a normal FreeBSD-kernel I guess.

It's mostly a tooling problem.

Some thing you would normally expect to work on Linux won't work on
kFreeBSD, but the FreeBSD/OpenBSD version might not work either. Their
might be workarounds for those things though.

An example, listing the routing table:
- route -n
- ip ro ls
- netstat -nr

- route -n show
- netstat -nr

The only one that works on kFreeBSD:
- netstat -nr


- iproute package is unvailable (Linux specific)
- route -n show does not work (actually /sbin/route is a shell script
which uses /lib/freebsd/route). Eventhough you might expect it to work
when you look at the route manual page, this is because the route manual
came directly from FreeBSD.

An other example, CARP is not included in the default install in the
kernel, so you would want to build your own.

If that isn't for you, then maybe you should wait for the next release.

Atleast that is what I've seen.

(I just did apt-get update && apt-get upgrades from an install months
ago, but I think I got it right)

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