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Bug#602120: Syscons patch

Hi Robert,

* Robert Millan <rmh@debian.org>, 20101126 18:33:
> The FreeBSD installer is missing /lib/terminfo, perhaps it has to do
> with that?

It uses built-in termcap entries. I am not sure whether the FreeBSD
installer even attempts to hide the cursor. If I run sysinstall

> Debian installer provides /lib/terminfo (with cons25 and others).
> Maybe our terminfo needs some adjustment.  I'll check if it differs
> from the one shipped on FreeBSD.

FreeBSD uses termcap, so comparing it could be a bit hard. I think you'd
better first run `infocmp' on the Debian box to see how it implements

 Ed Schouten <ed@80386.nl>
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