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What is Debian/kFreeBSD?

Hi all,

in current installer manual [1] on the chapter "1. Welcome to Debian" we 
currently have the following sections:

    1.1. What is Debian?
    1.2. What is GNU/Linux?
    1.3. What is Debian GNU/Linux?
    1.4. What is Debian GNU/Hurd?

As we release Debian/kFreeBSD I think it does make sense to have also the 

	"What is Debian/kFreeBSD?"

Anyone willing to writing some words to present Debian/kFreeBSD?

(Please CC me as i'm not subscribed.)

1 - http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/manual/

Melhores cumprimentos/Best regards,

Miguel Figueiredo

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