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Bug#594940: Includes binary-only and obfuscated C code

what would the effect on the
kfreebsd-* kernel be of removing all of the files which were originally
mentioned in Ben's mails in this bug report, and is that an option which
has been considered by the porters?

From my (non-DD) POV, the most problematic are network drivers

- binary is packaged in firmware-linux-nonfree as /lib/firmware/3com/typhoon.bin

- binaries are packaged in firmware-linux-nonfree as /lib/firmware/e100/*

For our port is very important to release. It would be better to release even without any of these drivers compared to not release at all ...

fwiw, if the current firmware-loading mechanism could be extended to
support using the firmware-* packages, the SRMs would be prepared to
look at introducing the updated mechanism - and any necessary new
firmware packages - as part of a Squeeze point release, if desired /

Could be the plan:

1) drop all files from Ben's mail, repackage .orig.tgz, disable drivers
2) upload into sid and ask for propagation into squeeze
3) start extending firmware-loading mechanism
4a) upload into sid and ask for propagation into squeeze
4b) upload into stable-proposed-updates

Whether 4a or 4b depends on our timing.

I have to note, that this is my personal planing,
not planing of whole porter group, but I expect they would agree.


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