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GEOM userland tools?

Hi all

I've just tried the beta squeeze installer on a x4500 and it almost rocks :)

Two minor issues observed:

When using the expert installer, it seems that /etc/resolv.conf gets updated 
and the nameserver line removed. At least I cannot select a networked mirror, 
unless I "repair" this file by hand (nameserver is handed out by DHCP and 
asked during installer setup)

For this box, the grub probing fails completely, devices start at ad0, ad2, 
ad4, ... and stop after 8 devices IIRC, however, during partioning I was 
configuring ad52 as a boot device. To fix this, I needed to manually change 
the /boot/grub/device.map to reflect this and run the installer again.

Now to me real question:

Is there a userland package for gpt or glabel available? With apt-cache I 
haven't fond anything, nor was my (brief) google search very productive. 
Trying to get ZFS working on this system with ~45 disks will drive me nuts if 
I only have even numbered ad devices.



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