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Re: Bug#586540: kdm on initial start at kfreebsd bootup does not allow keyboard input

Didier 'OdyX' Raboud wrote:
> Hi, 
> as per discussion on #debian-qt-kde, I am hereby rising the severity of this bug 
> to serious. 
> This bug is a real hurdle for KDE on kfreebsd-* as it enforces a manual X 
> restart by the user at every reboot. (Rising the kdmrc ServerTimeout as 
> mentioned in various places doesn't help either).
> kFreeBSD porters: could you please take a look at that ?
> Cheers,
> OdyX

You might want to look what has done in gdm3, which according to
has a TTY manager that takes kFreeBSD into account. So although gdm had
the same issue as kdm,
the issue was not present on gdm3,

Further, a different issue on gdm3 has been fixed so gdm3 now works as a
login manager on kfreebsd,


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