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Bug#600568: please move zfs.ko and opensolaris.ko to /boot

2010/10/18, Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org>:
> Couldn't update-grub just copy the needed file(s) over when it's
> invoked?

It could, but:
 - it breaks the principle of least surprise (users expect it to
modify grub.cfg only)
 - it opens the door for old module files lingering around if
something goes wrong

I think this would be worse than the current situation.

> This way, no need to have module-specific location/handling
> (installing /some/ modules in a different place and using symlinks
> sounds cumbersome to me).

Installing all modules in /boot hierrachy is an option too.  Or implementing
pivot_root and then using initrds.

As for the symlinks, if you go this route next release of GRUB would
probe the new location, making them unnecessary in mid-term.

Robert Millan

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