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kfreebsd issues with CDROM mounting/access

I've got an issue with various desktop applications not being able to
see the CDROM device. This made me investigate the CDROM on the command
line and there is an issue there too with mounting using the fstab
entry. Have others experienced this or its it a kvm artefact?

# grep cdrom /etc/fstab
/dev/cd0        /media/cdrom0   cd9660  user,noauto     0       0
# mount /media/cdrom0
mount: /media/cdrom0 has unknown file system type
# mount /dev/cd0 /media/cdrom0 -t cd9660
# ls /media/cdrom0/
autorun.bat  css     doc       md5sum.txt  README.html          README.txt
autorun.inf  debian  firmware  pics        README.mirrors.html
boot         dists   install   pool        README.mirrors.txt
# umount /media/cdrom0
# ls /media/cdrom0/
# mount /media/cdrom0
mount: /media/cdrom0 has unknown file system type


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