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Re: Debootstrapping Debian, Mandatory Access Control and Jails with Vimage

On 10/15/2010 05:13 AM, Darko Hojnik wrote:


Is there Documentation available how I could debootsrapp Debian KfreeBSD
on ZFS? I think it would the same to be like under Debian GNU Linux.
Only i don't know how I have to install and configure GRUB or could i
choose the normal FreeBSD Bootloader?

Does Debian KfreeBSD support Mandatory Access Control?

And any experience with Jails and Vimage here?

Not really a direct answer to your question, but I'd like to report that I have kFreeBSD/Debian running in a jail on top of a plain FreeBSD install.

I've used these two urls :
With the first url I've used a newer cdrom image, and I needed to fiddle with "apt-get -f install" a bit before it all worked.

The second url I've used for the master.passwd part (and, FWIW, I did apply the Linprocfs patch and rebuild the kernel).

I'm not (yet) using ZFS with this setup, but you could create a ZFS jail, and play with the instructions from that first web link.

And to everyone on this list :

Imho Debian GNU/kFreeBSD is super fantastic!!! Thanks!!! :)

Kind Regards,

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