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Re: Bug#594827: installation-reports: kFreeBSD install using daily-build 20100828-3

Michael Dorrington a écrit :
> Christian PERRIER wrote:
>> Quoting Michael Dorrington (michael.dorrington@gmail.com):
>>>> Hmmm, I'm afraid I know nothing to kFreeBSD but is this "kbdcontrol"
>>>> package the equivalent of console-data and stuff?
>>> AFAIK, yes.
>>> http://packages.debian.org/squeeze/kbdcontrol
>> From what I see in the packages' list for D-I in kFreeBSD, it doesn't
>> use kbd-chooser but it does use console-keymaps-at. I don't really
>> figure out what's used  to setup the keymap in D-I for kFreeBSD but
>> it's likely to be using console-keymaps-at.
>> If so, what we might need is some kind of mapping between both sets of
>> keymaps and/or have kbdcontrol choose the right keymap wrt the keymap
>> chosen in D-I (kept in console-keymaps-at/keymap).
> Can anyone on list help with the above.

I have asked help on the list, but get no answer so far. It's still on
my TODO list, but I don't know when I will be able to look at it.


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