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Meeting Minutes for the IRC Release Team Meeting on August 23, 2010

Hi there,

those are the minutes of Monday's IRC meeting at #debian-release.

1) What will be the release architectures for squeeze?
   - sparc will be kept as a release architecture for now.  The gcc code
     generation code which moved to v9/32bit has taken place in Nov 2009.
     There will be rebuilds of all packages that haven't been rebuilt
     since.  The exact details of this still need to be sketched out.
     [assignee: pkern]
   - mips*: #519006 is hurting us badly.  GCC upstream was pinged,
     Loongson and Codesourcery will be contacted about a backport to
     gcc-4.4 if there's no answer.  [assignee: aurel32]
   - mips: a possible toolchain issue popped up on openjdk-6,
     which needs investigation  [assignee: aurel32]
   - mipsel: another Loongson machine will be shipped to aba for
     use as a porter box  [assignees: zobel, aba]
   - hppa: HPPA will be dropped as a release architecture for squeeze.
     Details on a possible squeeze-hppa release need to be discussed
     with the hppa porters.  [assignee: ?]
   - kfreebsd-*: We consider a released kfreebsd-* package set as a 
     technology preview, that might not be up to the full Debian
     standards.  We will try to keep it in the same infrastructure
     set (i.e. as normal architectures) for squeeze, but this can be
     reviewed later.

2) Which transitions are left for squeeze?  What's their current state?
   - gnustep: RC bug on hppa, fix pending upload.  Looks good otherwise.
   - opencv: one FTBFS on hppa
   - ace: FTBFS on armel and kfreebsd, not a blocker
   - php: No transition removing deprecated features.
   - mono: mail to debian-release@ to be sent  [assignee: meebey]
   - apt: transition can be started in unstable  [assignee: mvo]
   - xapian: ditto  [assignee: olly]

3) Release Team meeting 2-3 October in Paris: Who's going?
   - Negotiations about times, crashing space and travel sponsorship
     need to be done with zack.  [assignee: faw]
   - mehdi, jcristau, luk, adsb, aba and pkern can probably make it;
     HE: unsure; faw: relying on the availabilty of overseas travel
     sponsorship, if not possible following remotely
   - Maulkin cannot make it.

4) What's the state of the Release Notes?
   - timeline: 4 weeks to get them ready, 2 weeks of string freeze, 1 week of
     fixes and final week for translations (i.e. 2 months)  [assignee: faw]
   - upgrade-reports to be prepared and solicited  [assignee: vorlon]

5) Any other business?
   - This item was not called as the time budget was exceeded.

A full log is available on [1] (text-only version on [2]).  Action and info
items are also available as extracted bits on [3].

Kind regards,
Philipp Kern
on behalf of the Debian Release Team

[1] http://meetbot.debian.net/debian-release/2010/debian-release.2010-08-23-20.02.log.html
[2] http://meetbot.debian.net/debian-release/2010/debian-release.2010-08-23-20.02.log.txt
[3] http://meetbot.debian.net/debian-release/2010/debian-release.2010-08-23-20.02.html

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