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Re: freebsd-manpages upstream tar ball format

On 08/21/10 01:54, Axel Beckert wrote:

Julien Cristau wrote:
- freebsd-manpages 8.1-1: this one is a new upstream version that has
   just been uploaded, but it only contains documentation. The goal is to
   have the documentation in sync with the code (all the kfreebsd related
   packages have been upgraded to 8.1).

It'd be nice if stuff wasn't hidden away in binary files so debdiff
would work, but unblocked.

That's basically the reason why I haven't sponsored that package
already about three weeks ago:

Upstream distributes the tar ball in a dozen (or so) 1.44 MB sized
chunks which IIRC give concatentated together a tar ball. Why do we
then use a tar ball of those files as orig.tar.gz instead of the
concatenated tar ball produced out of these files?

I agree, please send suggestions on what to do extactly after having
them downloaded. cat them together into manpages.tar.gz, gunzip then
create an orig.tar.gz of that?


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