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Looking for help to update the website

Hi all,

Our GNU/kFreeBSD web page [1] is quite outdated in addition of being
empty. We should start thinking about improving it.

It is probably possible to improve it using inspiration from other ports
and from the wiki. I think the website and the wiki are complementary:
the website should include a presentation of the port and of the status,
the way to install it and to contribute, and should link to the wiki for
technical details.

If one is interested by this work, the webml file [2] is available.
Please post "patches" on the mailing list for review, I'll commit the
final version.



[1] http://www.debian.org/ports/kfreebsd-gnu/


Aurelien Jarno                          GPG: 1024D/F1BCDB73
aurelien@aurel32.net                 http://www.aurel32.net

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