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Re: GNU/kFreeBSD debian-installer (new flavours)

Aurelien Jarno a écrit :
> Hi all,
> Starting from today, the daily GNU/kFreeBSD debian-installer images [1]
> use a 8.1 kernel and install this version by default. The bonus is that
> the console is now in UTF-8, so installation in languages different than
> English is now possible.
> Please test it on your machine or favorite virtualization software and
> report the issues on the mailing list. Please note that ext2 support is
> slightly broken (wrong entry in /etc/fstab), it should be fixed in
> tomorrow's build.

Images that will be built today will also include:
- a netboot flavour, providing either a small mini.iso with the udebs
fetch on the mirror, or files to boot the installer via PXE
- a cdrom flavour used by debian-cd to build full images (see #593629).
It still fails as it doesn't know how to mount a CD-ROM on GNU/kFreeBSD,
and as a few udebs still have to migrate to testing.

IMHO here are the remaning things that have to be done on
debian-installer before the release:
- fix the cdrom flavour by teaching cdrom-detect how to mount a CD-ROM
on GNU/kFreeBSD.
- provide a way to configure the keyboard. Either with a new udeb, or by
modifying console setup to work on kfreebsd. If we can use the xorg
keyboard maps on kfreebsd, we can also use a standard way to configure
the keyboard on the installed system.
- provide a way to parse preseeding options (using kenv) and provide
different options in the grub menu.

And optionally:
- add support for zfs
- better UTF-8 support, either by switching fonts or by porting bogl-bterm
- add an hd-media flavour
- add a xorg/gtk based flavour

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